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Area of Expertise Introduces Bundled Outsourcing for Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Teams | Bloomberg

We share our thoughts about our unique new service bundle, bringing together the strength of fractional CMO strategies with expert project teams to implement the plan.

Area of Expertise Builds Bespoke Approach as Full-Service Marketing Collective | International Business Times

Jim discusses how AOE found an opportunity between freelance marketplaces and traditional agencies to bring together agility and expertise to create value for clients.

Creative Staffing: Tips for Agencies and Freelancers | thinkLA Podcast

Jim sits down with Don Lupo and thinkLA to share his thoughts on curating the right project teams, embracing the changes in our industry, and marketing your skills as a freelancer.

Fractional Ad Executives: Why Agencies and Brands are Hiring Part-Time Workers for Full-Time Roles | AdAge

AOE roster member Eli Pakier shares his experience as a fractional CMO in a market with increasing demand for part-time executive support.

“AdTastic” with Jim DiPiazza from Area of Expertise | Daily Ad Brief

Jim has a chat with Tony Stanol about the AOE business model and the impact of the pandemic on the remote freelance landscape.

Area of Expertise Introduces Bundled Outsourcing for Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Teams | Yahoo Finance

Jim and Dena discuss how bundling fractional CMOs with bespoke project teams ensures marketing strategies don’t end up sitting on the shelf.

How to Optimize Change and Grow Your Brand in 2023 | Webinar

AOE roster member Nina Ciminelli Hill shares research-driven insights on the challenges facing small business owners today and helpful tips on how to meet and address those challenges.

Startup looks to outfox “bloated” agency model with nimble freelancers | Campaign

Thank you to Campaign US for touting the explosion of remote work and how Area of Expertise will play a critical role in solving client challenges and enabling talent to live their best life.

Ad Industry Veterans Promote Customizable Teams with Launch of Area of Expertise | Little Black Book

Excited that Little Black Book gave Area of Expertise a platform to share our unique process for building teams of exceptional talent.