Marketing can make or break your business. A good marketing strategy can get your products or services in front of the people ready to buy now, no questions asked. Poor marketing, though, can mean you go days and weeks without a sale, no matter how amazing your company is. If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, you’ll need a team to pull it off, with at least these six roles filled.


1. Vice President

A good leader brings out the best in the rest of the team. You, as the business owner, can fill it yourself, but you could also hire a Vice President (VP) of Marketing. Either way, the person you choose will be responsible for the goals of your team, which can include anything from managing budgets to being the public face of your brand. If you’re not the VP, then responsibilities will include communicating with you about any successful endeavors.

2. Content Creators

No matter what format you use to market your business, you can’t leave it as a blank slate. You’ll likely need two full-time creators, a writer and an artist or graphic designer, who will create your website, social media, forum, blog, and advertising content. If the workload is too much for your people, you can either bring on more full-time workers or find freelance experts to outsource some of the load.

3. Operations / Analysis

You won’t grow your business or know how well your efforts pay off if no one keeps track of the statistics. One of your marketing team members will need to keep track of the inner workings of your strategy. He or she will give the department the data they need to see what’s worked in the past and adjust goals and projections for the future. You’ll need an expert in data, finance, and spreadsheets to fill this role.

4. Designer and Developer

The world is online more and more, which means your business has to be online to keep up. Your website is a crucial point of interaction for many of your marketing strategies, so you’ll need someone dedicated to not only the build of your website but maintenance once the site is up. You may need to split this role in two depending on the amount of work, allowing a designer and a developer to each do what they do best.

5. Search Engine Specialists

While you may think you can lump search engine optimization (SEO) in with other website concerns, it takes a lot of effort to make sure your website shows up in search results. For this role, you’ll need someone with a background in SEO who can focus on researching trends, then optimizing your content and links to fit those trends. 

6. Social Media Management

Again, you may want to put this job on the same internet-savvy person who does your SEO and website development, but that would be a mistake. If your business has an active account on multiple social media platforms — as it should — you’ll need someone who can use the content your creators come up with and post in a way that wins your audience over. They’ll also deal with interactions and conversations many consumers have with your brand over social media.

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